To Be Honest...

I'm Taiwanese.
I can barely speak English.

And here are some tags:

Linkin Park
Daft Punk

X-Men Saga
The Avengers
Star Trek
Tron Legacy
How To Train Your Dragon
Batman & TDK
Harry Potter

BBC Sherlock (2010)
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory

Michael Fassbender
Rupert Grint
Martin Freeman
Darren Criss

Art / illustration /
photography / Posters

(especially wolfs, birds,
cats and dogs)

and so on ;-)

And this is my blog for fanfics

My Plurk account

but they're all written by Mandarin. :/




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  3. Jameson Empire Awards 2012 - Empire Hero [x]

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  4. I mean, how could he be even real?

    I mean, how could he be even real?

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    Sharking at the Empire Awards.

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    One story, two versions.

    You can see Fassy remembering the encounters with a longing look in his eyes.

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