To Be Honest...

I'm Taiwanese.
I can barely speak English.

And here are some tags:

Linkin Park
Daft Punk

X-Men Saga
The Avengers
Star Trek
Tron Legacy
How To Train Your Dragon
Batman & TDK
Harry Potter

BBC Sherlock (2010)
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory

Michael Fassbender
Rupert Grint
Martin Freeman
Darren Criss

Art / illustration /
photography / Posters

(especially wolfs, birds,
cats and dogs)

and so on ;-)

And this is my blog for fanfics

My Plurk account

but they're all written by Mandarin. :/




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  5. glee au: in which blaine spoke up instead of will.

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     #stop talking kurt kiss me again



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  9. blainedapperson:

    This scene actually breaks my heart, the way he says ‘I hope so, I want you to be’ to Kurt when he says he’s proud of him, it’s like he has to double check to make sure. Because no one else in his life has ever told him that.

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  10. blainedapperson:

#ugh god it just saddens me how desperate he is for kurt to be proud of him bb why do you have such low self esteem you try so hard to be perfect for everybody but people still treat you like shit and then you screw up badly and hate yourself #that whole thing with repeating the dance move on stage? that is blaine’s LIFE. ‘i screwed it up… i know i can do better.’ #and kurt is the most important thing in his life with the greatest highs and the shittiest lows and he’s so so happy with kurt but he slips up and he’s terrified because oh god kurt’s going to know the truth i’m a failure i’m not good enough for you but please i know i can do better i will do better for you i want to make you proud #all the blaine feelings sigh